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1) Log in to your old personal account or create a new one at by selecting a country from USA \ Europe (for example Germany).
2) If the account is old and the country is Russia, then on the page change the country to USA \ Europe (for example, Germany).
3) We are waiting for several hours to change the country in the profile, or we log out of the account on two sites and, expecting that the country of the profile will change.
4) Make sure that the country has changed on the page (this will be visible in brackets) and then enter the 25-digit code you received from us, if the code is active, you will be prompted to proceed to the next step.
5) To activate the keys, it is necessary that one of the payment methods be linked - card or PayPal, with the second, fewer problems were noticed during activation. In this case, you will not be charged.
6) If all went well, you will see an increase in the validity period of your GAME PASS subscription at


14.01.2022 18:44:26
Все четко и быстро активировал, если вы ранее брали триал коды на 14 дней, все будет работать, главное чтоб у вас ранее не было куплено подписок!
14.01.2022 15:42:25
Не рекомендую привязывать qiwi так как он не работает, удалось через vk pay, подпиской доволен
12.01.2022 5:17:14
Спасибо, всё ОК!
11.01.2022 23:06:08
recommend, worked instantly, no problems with activation, just go ahead and download xbox app and ur good to go!
31.12.2021 11:56:07
30.12.2021 2:09:20
29.12.2021 21:18:41
29.12.2021 19:56:17
29.12.2021 18:55:10