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1. Select “Nintendo eShop” on the HOME Menu to launch Nintendo eShop.
2. Select the account you want to use.
3. Select “Redeem Code” on the left side of the screen.
4. Enter the 16-character download code. ...
5. Select “Confirm”
Speed Brawl is a 2D combat-racer about moving fast and hitting hard! Maintain your momentum, build your combos, and unleash powerful special moves. Find your own fighting style, and assemble the finest team of brawlers ever seen. Then do it all again faster... faster... FASTER!!!

-6 Unique Brawlers with their own play styles
-Loads of upgrades to customize each fighter and blast through the competition
-Razor sharp visuals and beautifully animated characters
-Over 50 unique action-packed events and races to wade through across multip


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