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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$5 the discount is 5%
$10 the discount is 10%
$25 the discount is 15%
$50 the discount is 20%
💳 You can pay for the goods with any BANK CARD with a minimum commission! Don´t miss this great offer! ✅ attention✅ General Information:

✔ Activation is available only on PC with Windows 10 OS.
✔ Activation DOES NOT crash when reinstalling Windows and deleting an account with a game from the Microsoft Store!
(You can always restore access to the game (and by saving yourself) by repeating the login to the account according to the instructions
✔ You can change any components of your PC including CPU!
✔ THIS IS THE ACTIVATION of our account with the game ON YOUR PC in MICROSOFT STORE. You pay One activation per 1 PC. The game is activated by logging into our account.
✔ The account is being shared.
✔ Xbox Game Pass subscription renews automatically. The subscription will be valid for exactly 12 months
✔ Account access is provided for 12 months from the date of purchase of goods.
✔ The account is the property of the seller and is not transferred to you in the property. Changing login, password and other account information is FORBIDDEN! You get only the right to use account.
✔ In all Windows Store games, the game runs on the network and all the network functions of the game, as well as saving and achieving Xbox Live on your personal profile (which you create yourself, you will start the game from the very beginning)/attentionattentionAccount Terms of Service

- It is forbidden to log into account on Microsoft sites ( or!)
- It is forbidden to play with the purchased account! (purchased account is only for downloading games)
- IT IS FORBIDDEN TO RESELL/EXCHANGE/TRANSFER data from the account to third parties!
- It is forbidden to change ANY account information!
- It is forbidden to transfer account data to third parties!
- It is forbidden to change the region and protection information!
- It is forbidden to install on more than one PC!

For violation of the rules, you ca

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25.10.2021 3:03:09
Спасибо за товар. Покупаю 2 раз
23.10.2021 16:30:37
Customer support was extremely responsive and helpful. Highly recommended! Honestly, I´m from Australia and was a very smooth delivery and product.
17.10.2021 14:01:42
Говорю, как бывалый прошел ровно год, как я приобрел у данного продавца аккаунт, полет было нормальный, сейчас буду снова покупать у данного продавца, берите не пожалеете)))
16.10.2021 22:12:06
10.10.2021 23:37:08
fast and work well
10.10.2021 0:23:44
Самый лучший сервис что только видел, лайк
29.09.2021 20:38:16
wena onda el compa
19.09.2021 16:43:24
После покупки были небольшие проблемы, исправили в кратчайшие сроки. Могу рекомендовать продавца
01.09.2021 22:17:33
Всё работает
29.08.2021 12:03:24
Had this for 1 year and it worked great! Seller had to give a new account a few times, but always responded quickly.