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📌 General Information:• Activation is performed by logging into my personal account in the Microsoft Store on your PC, 1 key = 1 PC!
• It is FORBIDDEN to change data; you do not own the account, but you are free to use it. If you try, your key will be immediately blocked, and no refund will be offered.
• Automatic updates on the game without the seller having to manually do anything!
• You can only log in through the activator, login / password is not sent out to you.
• The availability of the online, DLC or the game itself is only guaranteed at the time of the purchase, if the developers of this game blocks this way of starting the game (even partially), no claims will be accepted.
• * If you want to change PC components - write to the seller in advance to transfer the license
• Due to the technical features of the software, some antiviruses may mistakenly identify the activator as malware. This is a false positive.

❗ By purchasing the product you automatically agree to the description of the product, and the terms/📝How do I activate my product? The answer is here.

✅ Required to activate:
- Windows 10/11 x64 (ver.1909 and higher), also works on pirated versions.
- XBOX Live account (registration - )

✅ What you need to do before purchasing the product:
- Enable the Windows update service (if turned off), in 1 click through the program -
❗ - Open the "Settings" -> Accounts -> Login Settings. Delete the PIN code if it is, the game DOES NOT WORK with it!
- You need to make sure that you have no problems installing applications through the Microsoft Store
- Run the XBOX program (beta) or the Companion of the XBOX console (link to the application - ). Log in with your personal account.
❗ - Log out of your account in the Windows Store

Next: you can buy the product, check your email, look at the instructions, download the utility and activate the game!/delivery
🎮 Min. requirements:
Processor: Intel Core i3 4170 / AMD FX-8350
Videocard: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650
HDD: 85+ GB

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10.01.2022 16:36:22
через некоторое время я смог скачать игру
08.01.2022 17:47:26
08.01.2022 17:13:11
хороший товар, всё работает
08.01.2022 16:54:42
Always answers!
08.01.2022 12:59:59
Very good product like always!
08.01.2022 10:05:25
Купил данный товар, и остался доволен! Всё работает прекрасно, и с радостью играю в Forza Horizon 4
04.01.2022 6:18:10
Great Seller ,Trusted the product is exactly what is mentoned
16.12.2021 21:12:32
good seller
16.12.2021 15:04:31
thanks for the game
07.12.2021 18:02:31