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Xbox One EA Access Gift Card 12 Months RU/EU/US

EA Access Xbox One Gift Cards will redeem your Xbox EA Access membership to your account.
The Xbox EA Access Pass provides game subscriptions and unlimited exclusive access to Electronic Arts´s large collection of Xbox One games, as well as exclusive discounts and offers.

Purchasing an EA Access Xbox One card is instant. Immediately after payment, you will receive a unique card number and card pin-code.

How do I redeem an EA Access Xbox One card on Xbox One?

1. Sign in to your Microsoft account.
2. On the home page, scroll down to the Store section.
3. Under Games, select Use a code.
4. Using the on-screen keyboard, enter the 25-digit code on the Enter Code screen and select Enter. Don´t enter hyphens - the system will take care of them automatically. Select Confirm Purchase. After activating the code, you will receive a confirmation message.

How do I redeem my Xbox Live Gold card from a web browser?

1. In a browser, go to the Redeem Code page and select Sign In.
2. Enter the 25-digit prepaid code and select Activate.

After activating the card, the EA Access Xbox One status is activated for 12 months.
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