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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$10 the discount is 3%
$20 the discount is 4%
$30 the discount is 5%
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$50 the discount is 7%
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$200 the discount is 15%
$1000 the discount is 25%
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Thank you for visiting our page with this product.

What is she like? If suddenly there are changes with the product (for example, change of mail and password) - you are guaranteed to receive a replacement without any difficulties and expectations!
Please note that if you purchase an account for playing with cheats, cheats, you will lose this guarantee. We only support fair play!

✅ Our merchandise is checked DAILY to ensure that you do not receive a non-working product ✅

❌ No need to record video. We have everything under control and we can easily check in what condition you received the goods. Agree - this is a big plus that saves you time! ❌

⚡ Immediately after payment you will instantly receive a working Social Club account. The following games are guaranteed to be activated on it:

All accounts have access to Online for playing with friends!

⚡ Data is always in the form login @ mail: password

Items with non-working gameplay are never offered for sale. That is, they completely lack any game locks, bans, restrictions.

If you have any questions, we will promptly help you get out of it. To do this, write to us in personal correspondence on the website

You don´t need to do anything to play online. You select the game mode in the main window of the running game

The account may have bindings of other platforms (Steam, PSN, XBOX and others). If you come across such an account, this is not a reason for a replacement, since this does not affect the download and launch of the game!

No refunds will be issued! An exception is the case when the product is out of stock and it is not possible to issue a replacement. In other cases, only a replacement is issued!

If you want to play the walkthrough:

1️⃣ You don´t have to change your login information, even if you change your login information, you can continue to play offline.
2️⃣ Go to the folder C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc, open the host file (notepad).
3️⃣ Register below
4️⃣ When logging into the Social Club client, check the "auto login" checkbox.
5️⃣ Choose offline mode.
6️⃣ Play OFFLINE Mode

If you like everything and decide to leave a positive review, immediately after the purchase you will automatically receive a cashback in the form of a gift certificate
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✔️ After receiving the goods, the buyer is fully responsible for the change of data and the safety of the goods
✔️ Purchased goods cannot be returned. A replacement is possible if you provide weighty reasons for this (non-working data, blocked account)
✔️ Threats, blackmail, insults towards the seller in correspondence and any other inappropriate behavior - blocking your further purchases and complaining about you to the administration of the service
✔️ Refunds are possible only if there is no replacement for this product
✔️ All attempts to cheat are recorded and reported to the administration and other sellers (your attempts to buy from other sellers will also be blocked)
✔️ If there is a complaint about the quality of the purchased product, you must inform the seller within 1 hour after purchase. Later claims are not considered
✔️ All products are checked daily and the chance of getting a non-working product is extremely low!


30.11.2021 21:23:13
Не верные данные верните деньги
21.11.2021 21:31:11
При входе в аккаунт на сайте, на привязанную почту приходил код подтверждения. Связался с продавцом, в течение нескольких минут пришёл ответ, после чего мне прислали код подтверждения для входа. Сменил почту, пароль и никнейм, всё хорошо.
21.11.2021 12:11:08
perfect seller
20.11.2021 12:02:57
trust seller
19.11.2021 19:16:57
14.11.2021 12:16:55
Была моя ошибка, продавец ответил все в норме👍🏿
09.11.2021 20:56:43
very nice
07.11.2021 22:19:59
Beautifull seller.
28.10.2021 12:08:24
товар топовый
04.10.2021 23:32:34
все хорошо